Dr. Sprinkler Repair LLC – Bountiful, UT – (385) 226-5764

Sprinkler Winterization: (801) 988-9671

Install a Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor

Rain/Freeze sensors prevent the irrigation system from turning on when the temperatures drop below freezing, or during a rainstorm. A sudden cold snap before the system is winterized cannot only result in damage, but also wasted water. Watering before or during freezes can create problems with lawns, shrubs and trees, as well as create ice on walkways or streets. Rain Bird’s WR2 Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor connects to most irrigation controllers, and overrides the watering schedule when it detects rain or freezing temperatures. Once conditions improve, the system will return to normal operation.


Sprinkler Winterization: (801) 988-9671


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